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I can't stress enough... [12/12/08 11×20 4:24PM]
How dumb I think girls are. And yes, I'm probably talking about you.


Ahhh .. 22 [01/31/08 11×20 7:09PM]
My birthdays coming! 4 days... LETS CHILL <3

Ohh.. I got a tattoo for Saul and Kevin. <3
I love it. It's my favorite. I can't wait to show their moms.

how many want hardcore love like 11×20//06#02

R.I.P. Saul Adrian Garcia & Kevin Andrew Deville [12/08/07 11×20 10:56PM]
You never forget your first love...

Mine was killed Wednesday night.. on the 5th of December. Saul Garcia.. He was shot with another old friend Kevin Deville, for no apparent reason. He was my first... everything.. I just can't believe I will never run into him like I've wanted for so long. He meant so much to me.. His and Kevins funeral services are on Friday.. All my old friends from high school should be there.. we all can't stop crying.. I can't wait for Lucy to bring pictures of me and Saul together.. Fuck I miss him.. I just wish I could have seen him one last time. After their services, we're all going to High Voltage tattoo to get tatted by Kat Von D.. and that makes me really happy. I get tattoos when shit impacts my life.. and this is the hardest thing I've had to go through in a long time..

I remember Saul lied to me about his age for so long! Like years.. we were even in the attendance office once and they asked him for his birthday so he could get an absent slip, and he lied to them just to keep me thinking he was a year younger than he was!! Hahaha.. A couple years or so later, he laughed and laughed and told me how old he really was and mentioned that day in the attendance office.. I laughed too. He was soo funny.. He used to sing NSYNC's "This I promise you" to me... Because he could sing.. And that song had just come out.. Sometimes we'd talk about having a kid together.. and he would joke and say "We'd name it Lucifer or Damian" Haha. He loved Eminem.. and you know that song where he kills Kim? He screamed that like almost at me once.. he was just joking around but I'll never forget it. Fuck.. I'm going to miss him..

I love my life. I love everyone has impacted my life. I have no hate for anyone.. I love Angel more than anything. I love my family more than anything...

I no longer want to be the one to start sentences with "Man.. I wish I would have.." I'm going to change... all my sentences from this point forward will be "Man.. I'm sure glad I.."

Saul Adrian Garcia.
3/12/86 - 12/5/07

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